The Cast

Peter Stickles as Barry Montenegro: one-time promising actor and current trainwreck.

Rena Riffel as Pussy Johnson: former straight-to-video superstar now better known for the myriad assault-with-a-deadly-stiletto charges leveled at her by record producers and limo drivers alike.

Lynn Lowry as Ruth Montenegro: Barry’s bitter, histrionic mother.

Brinke Stevens as Brinke: Négligée-clad Scream Queen and voice-of-reason.

Linnea Quigley as Linnea: Punked out spitfire with a short temper and a switchblade

Michelle Bauer as Michelle: Loudmouthed, chainsaw-wielding megababe.

Matthew Stephen Herrick as Blake Harper: ruthless, manipulative intern who never met a ladder (or a director) he didn’t climb.

Monique Bricca as Brenda Collins: a producer with the power to make or break Barry with a flick of her almighty hand.

April Baker as Barbara Jennifer: Pussy’s all-too-devoted assistant/best friend, a militant man-hater who will stop at nothing to undermine Barry (and destroy all testicles).

Shannon Amabile as Europa: the snarling, chainsmoking daughter of a famous Italian horror movie director; formerly a star in her native country, now the producer of a web series

Brian Nolan as Buck Symposium: tech-nerd and sweaty infidel.

Bruce L. Hart as Brad Stanley: Buck’s prematurely middle-aged sourpuss boyfriend.

Juliette Danielle as Debbie: horny gym attendant.

Chris Pudlo as Shane Singletary: Barry’s long-suffering college roommate, who may not be as innocent or acquiescent as he appears.

Stephen Kitaen as Thurston Howling III: Shane’s slutty domestic life partner.

April Baker as Barbara Jennifer: quintessential obsequious black lesbian.

Eric Dean as Q. Trevor Azure: clueless, untalented director and confirmed masochist.

Kelly Keaton as Candice Cartwright: Barry’s uncompromising agent.

Craig Taggart as Bette Midler: she has it in for Barry. But why?

with Robbie BanfitchCarmine BicchettiDavid MorettiEmme Geissal, Patrick Bodayle, Michael Carbonaro, Derek Windham, and Lotti Pharriss Knowles.

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