The Film


Barry Montenegro (Peter Stickles) is a reckless, drunk, and embarrassingly unprofessional actor living in Hollywood, California.  Despite an auspicious, promising start in brooding Indies, Barry’s subsequent career took a ten-year nose dive due to a series of drug busts, sex scandals, notorious on-set antics, and a general disregard for anyone and everything around him.  Now destitute and homeless, Barry’s last chance is a role on a zero-budget webseries called I Love the Nightlife, a shameless rip-off of Saturday Night Fever with an oblivious egomaniac (Eric Dean) at the helm, and starring ex-erotic thriller “actress” Pussy Johnson (Rena Riffel).

But when someone begins brutally butchering members of the cast and crew one-by-one, all eyes turn to Barry.  Is he the killer?  Or is he just a dick?


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