DAY 2!

Day 2 went swimmingly! We shot most of our baroque, Golden Girls-inspired “domestic hell” sequences — minus the lanai scene, because the stupid light refused to wait for us. Can’t wait for Day 3 on Tuesday, July 31st!


DAY 1! (cont)

First day of shooting was AMAZING! Came in on schedule EXCEPT for a shot at Echo Park lake that couldn’t happen because, when we got there, we discovered they drained the lake and put a fence around it. I’d say someone will lose their job over this except a) it’d be my job; and b) who the fuck expects an entire lake to be drained? Oh well, Lincoln Park here we come.

DAY 1!

Good morning. Today is DAY 1 of The Trouble with Barry shoot! I’d REALLY love to come back here in 12 hours and tell you everything went smoothly and there were no catastrophes! Wish us luck.