THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY (2012) – “Stalking Juliette Danielle”

As part of the ongoing IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY, we will be stalking, I mean “visiting with” several of the acclaimed stars appearing in our forthcoming film. In our first installment, we’ll get up close and personal with JULIETTE DANIELLE, “Lisa” from the cult sensation “The Room” (dubbed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”) and THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY’s very own “Debbie, the horny gym attendant.”

THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY: a kick-ass throwback to bitchin’, VHS-era, B-movie madness! A feature-length film, now in production, coming Christmas 2012!

Starring Peter Stickles, Lynn Lowry, Rena Riffel, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Shannon Amabile, Juliette Danielle, Steve Callahan, Brian Nolan, Matthew Montgomery, April Baker, Mike Justice, Stephen Kitaen, Kelly Keaton, Chris Pudlo, Craig Taggart, Derek Long, Robbie Banfitch, David Fletcher, Doug Prinzivalli, John Carrozza, and Miss Guy. With special guest stars Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens!

Please help spread the word, and visit our pages to find out how YOU can make this movie as RAD as possible!


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