Stephen Vs. Stephen – “All the Way Home”

Here it is – the hit college radio single of 1988, from the original motion picture soundtrack for The Trouble with Barry! Performed by Stephen Vs. Stephen and directed with “Night Tracks”-esque flair by Mike Justice.


Scream Queens

Scream Queens

Promo postcard featuring our Scream Queens — Lynn Lowry, who will be playing Barry’s bitter, histrionic mother; Brinke Stevens as the négligée-clad vixen and voice-of-reason; and Michelle Bauer as a loudmouthed, chainsaw-wielding megababe!

THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY (2012) – “Stalking Chris Pudlo”

In this — the second installment of our THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY fundraiser “stalker series” — producer/composer Stephen Kitaen ingratiates himself (maybe a little too much?) to Los Angeles-based actor/comedian CHRIS PUDLO — one half of the local hit sensation “HOLLYWOOD-UH, COULD-UH, SHOULD-UH!” and THE TROUBLE WITH BARRY’s very own “Shane Singletary.”